Updated December 3, 2019

What I create: One-of-a-kind digital illustration drawings of you, your partner, your baby, your mom, your grandson, your friend, your high school crush, or whoever you like! Portraits can be of any age range.

What is needed: A few unedited, clear photos of the subject(s). Preferably in natural daylight, try and get some good shots of their face at differing angles. Afterward, think about what colors and/or design elements you would like present in the final product. For example, would you like the color scheme to be monochromatic? Matching the colors in the room the portrait will be displayed? Or maybe just your favorite colors? Do you want the portrait to have stripes in the background? Polka dots? Color swatches? Check out examples of past pieces above and on my Instagram page (

What you receive: Upon completion, you will receive an email containing a high resolution copy of the portrait. There is no additional cost to receive the file in different sizes or image formats. With your portrait, print it on whatever you like (matte photo paper to frame and hang, refrigerator magnets, event invitations, greeting cards, etc.) and as many times as you like. Great for gifts!

Please note: All examples of illustrations on my website and social media platforms are automatically compressed. This means that the portraits will appear of low quality or blurry. I can assure you that what you will receive via email will be high resolution and crisp. If you are at all concerned, I can happily provide you an example via email.

Pricing: Currently all custom portrait illustrations are $65. Again, the final product you will receive is a digital file. Please email me ( to get things started!